Monday, May 16, 2016

Dear Diary

Walt view the world from another person's point of view
Dear diary

It,s nightfall 5 in the morning I only have 1 hour till the war starts it is silent scary
The food tastes horrid because it is not cooked. I wish I could go back
To mum,s stack piy. BANG BANG! Gunshots spread across
No man,s land. My heart is pounding at this point I don't know if I will
Live.I can see black dots flying towards me I scramble out
of the trench and hide in a krater.BOOM!When I open my eyes
I am glad to see that I am ok. but frank is hurt badly.I run over and see.
I yell for help but know one came frank stops moven I lay him on a
Patch of thes point I regret going to war. It is durk the moon
Is cumein up the war is still going.BANGI gust got shot in the
Foot the captain comes up to me and gets the medic.when I wake up
I am in the hospital my leg is in a banding. Carter is standen over me.
And the rest of the trups. on the left is tim and on the right is lee.
Lee is the youngest he is 18. Jack is the oldest 56. A week later I am back in the war my leg is still in the banding but I am ok. I hav not shot my gun yet  for 2 weeks. I don't want to kill anyone.At the curner of my eye
I soer something a germen know way it is to tiney.I crept closer
And closer.It is a fox ? that was close. I scope
The fox up and run for the trench. He is safe but scared. the men
Looked at me like I was a german. Vitter said what is that.
A fox I reply.What is his name. Um frank. Frank that is a weird name
For a fox.What is he doing here. probele lost.2 year later. I am back home
Frank is like my pet know he sleeps on my bed at night .
And goes to work with me at gob is a micanic like my dad.


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